Cherry Blossoms On The Waterfront, 2023

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  1. Nancy Friedland Avatar

    Love how some of these shots frame the pictures and other elements, in particular the one with the spikes of the convention center. On purpose? I saw these at the time, and they’re even better now, at a distance.

    1. Alan Avatar

      Yes, on purpose. I was struck by the contrast of the blossoms and the urban center setting, and tried to find shots that included both at their best. That’s why it takes me so long when we walk and I have a camera! 🙂

  2. Bonnie Avatar

    Love these, Alan. The juxtaposition of steel and softness, permanent and unpermanent are great. I missed the cherry blossoms altogether this year, so thanks for these*

    1. Bonnie Avatar

      Or is that impermanent? Both are technically correct, but, you know … words matter.

      1. Alan Avatar

        Ah, words! I like impermanence for cherry blossoms, because unpermanent sounds like it defines them by what they aren’t – permanent – instead of seeing arising and fading as its own thing. Of course, it might strike me the other way tomorrow….

        Glad you enjoyed these photos, Bonnie Rae. I generally don’t like to lag so long between event and blog post, but it is nice to revisit with some distance.